The BMLA conference May 2019

The BMLA conference is a unique platform for exchange of knowledge, ideas, recent advances, and everything else in the field of lasers and light based devices for all medics, surgeons, nurses, technicians, aestheticians and scientists who are directly or indirectly involved in the use of such devices for improving their patients’ and clients’ health and wellbeing. Whilst it is always a challenge to cater to such a diverse group of candidates, the BMLA has been accepting this challenge year on year and delivering high quality, evidence-based, scientific programme to stimulate the minds of medical and aesthetic laser enthusiasts.


Photodynamic Therapy and Photodiagnosis 2018

Following the tradition initiated in 1996 by Giulio Jori and Herwig Kostron, the 2nd post Brixen (Italy) Symposium PDT and PD Update 2018 brought together students, researchers and clinicians working in all fields of photodynamic therapy (PDT) and photodiagnosis (PD) to foster the scientific developments in this field thus contributing to widespread use. While presenting interdisciplinary lectures and posters the Brixen-Spirit could be tasted and experienced during your intercultural discussions bringing young and elder attendees together, new friendships and relations can be founded. Located in Southern Bavaria, Kochel am See offers impressive scenic views as well as interesting activities for relaxation.


Laser Europe 2018, World Trade Centre, Rotterdam

The Laser Europe 2018 Skin and Body Conference will be held in the World Trade Centre, in the heart of Rotterdam, 14th – 16th June 2018. The event is convened by the European Laser Association (ELA), organized by the Dutch Aesthetic Laser Association (DALA) in cooperation with the British Medical Laser Association (BMLA) and other European and national laser societies.
Laser Europe conferences have established an impressive track record of high-quality presentations and workshops, combined with a stimulating scientific and social programme. This year there will be something for everyone in this field. Pre-conference Masterclasses will be given by internationally-acclaimed experts who will share their knowledge and experience on a wide range of topics, including skin resurfacing, rejuvenation, injectables, toxines, hair removal, vascular lesions, pigmented lesions, EBD techniques, controverse therapies and a lot of surgical procedures. By enrolling in the courses, you will have a unique opportunity to ask the questions that really matter to you!
The scientific programme is diverse. There are specific and extensive programmes for dermatologists, plastic surgeons, cosmetic doctors, skin therapists and beauty professionals. You will learn the latest ground-breaking research that is being conducted in all aspects of light, lasers and EBD used for skin and body diagnosis or treatment.


Laser Europe 2017, Porto, Portugal

The Laser Europe 2017 International Congress gathered the leading stars of medical and aesthetic laser applications and research to spread knowledge, technology and innovation.
Main themes and topics:

  • Innovation and lasers of the future
  • Medical laser applications
  • Laser applications in surgery
  • New challenges in diagnosis and treatments
  • Aesthetics and health
  • Laser microfabrication
  • Photonics and robotics
  • Photonics and rejuvenation therapies

Laser and Aesthetics Europe 2015, Athens, Greece

Laser Europe 2014, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Laser Europe has established an impressive track record of high-quality presentations and workshops, in addition to a stimulating scientific programme. Laser Europe 2014 was the fourth of the highly successful series of Laser Europe conferences, convened by the European Laser Association (ELA) in association with major European, and national laser societies. It was a held during 22nd – 24th May 2014 as Joint Conference of the three sister organisations of the ELA: Dutch Aesthetic Laser Association (DALA), European Society for Laser Aesthetic Surgery (ESLAS) and British Medical Laser Association (BMLA). The conference was hosted by DALA at a very central landmark venue, NH Amsterdam Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky hotel in Amsterdam, situated in a historical building that dates back to 1866. Albeit pricey, it provided an ideal location in the very heart of the city, right on the central Dam square near many major tourist and business attractions. The conference provided a programme offering something for everyone. Pre-congress Masterclasses were given by internationally-acclaimed experts who shared their knowledge and experience on a wide range of topics, including skin resurfacing, rejuvenation, injectables, hair removal and vascular lesions. The course participants had a unique opportunity to ask the experts any questions that really mattered to the individual in his/her topic of interest!
The scientific program was diverse and covered the latest ground-breaking research that was being conducted in all aspects of light and lasers used for diagnosis and treatment. There were debates on ‘Fat tissue concepts: many hate it, can we treat it?’, ‘Lifting, tightening or filling?’. Sessions on subjects such as Photobiomodulation and PDT completed the extravaganza of the ambience knowledge. Conference dinner provides networking opportunities in a relaxed atmosphere and is considered an important element of any high-quality conference. The venue for the conference dinner was at the historic St. Olof’s Chapel, right in the old city centre of Amsterdam. By any count, Laser Europe 2014 proved to be an enormous success, thanks to the hard work put in by the organising committee headed by Claudia Lugt, President of DALA and the PCO Mediscon lead by Jochem Treu.

Laser Europe 2013, Manchester, UK

In the month of May in 2013, the British Medical Laser Association (BMLA) hosted Laser Europe 2013 in Salford Quays, Manchester (UK). The conference was declared a resounding success with record delegate attendance and a fantastic scientific programme. Prof. Harry Moseley (President of the BMLA) said “The conference provided a great learning and networking opportunity for all involved. The venue was stunning and this year there was a real “buzz” of excitement and enjoyment throughout the event”
The two and a half day conference included laser training courses presented by industry experts and which covered topics from Hair removal to Fractional resurfacing. The scientific programme was equally impressive with a wide variety of invited and free papers presenting research in dermatology, PDT, Biophotonics and much more. The delegates were particularly delighted with the Vasant Oswal Oration presentation by Dr Christine Diereckx (Belgium) on Laser Dermatology – past, present and future). Other world-class guest speakers included Dr Mario Trelles (Spain), Prof. Carsten Phillips (Germany), Prof. Serge Mordon (France), Dr Martin Kassir (USA).
The annual conference dinner was a complete sell-out as delegates were invited to the famous football ground of Manchester United (Old Trafford). Those attending the dinner were given exclusive access to the terraces and ample opportunity to take pictures of the iconic stadium. During the Champagne reception and following the dinner, guests were entertained with a stunning performance by conjuring and close-up magic.
Throughout the conference, those attending benefited from meeting industry experts and networking with like-minded scientists and clinicians. Feedback indicated the event was a huge success with delegates commenting “Best BMLA meeting I have been to – congratulations!” and “Excellent and well-organized conference”. The BMLA committee wishes to extend their thanks to all those involved with organising and supporting the event, particularly the support received from the European Laser Association, commercial sponsors and of course the many enthusiastic delegates.


Laser Europe 2012, London, UK

Convened by the European Laser Association (ELA), Laser Europe 2012 was hosted by the British Medical Laser Association (BMLA) in association with Sociedad Espanola de Laser Medico Quirurgico (SELMQ). The venue was the Cumberland Hotel, London, 10-12 May 2012. There was a very full programme with three parallel sessions. Nine training courses were held along with the scientific programme. The training programmes were very popular and generated extra revenue for the conference. In addition, there was a total of 22 scientific sessions. 262 delegates attended the conference which was convened by the European Laser Association, hosted by the British Medical Laser Association in association with Sociedad Espanola de Laser Medico Quirurgico with simultaneous translation between English and Spanish. There were 20 companies at the commercial exhibition. Steven Zietels presented the inaugural Vasant Oswal Oration. Dr Zietels is Director of the Center for Laryngeal Surgery and Voice Rehabilitation at Massachusetts General Hospital, USA. This was an inspirational presentation and the work served as a model for establishing minimally invasive laser techniques in a range of disciplines. The feedback from delegates was extremely positive. In answer to the key question “Overall, how would you rate this year’s conference?” 90% gave four or five points out of a maximum of five. A geographical breakdown showed that delegates attended from 30 countries around the world. The main social event comprised a conference dinner cruise on the Thames. Musical accompaniment was provided by a jazz band for the first half of the cruise with style changing for the return part of the journey when there was considerable audience participation in, what might loosely be described as flamenco style dancing encouraged by lively flamenco musicians. Although the meeting ran at a considerable loss which was underwritten by BMLA, nonetheless, scientifically, it was a great success. The general level of presentation was extremely good, the organisation was rated very highly, social and networking opportunities were widely utilised and delegates rated the conference a great success.

Laser Europe June 2011, Mykonos, Greece

The 14th Annual Congress of the European Society for Laser Aesthetic Surgery (ESLAS) that was held in Mykonos, Greece on 5th and 6th of June in Saint John Hotel. ESLAS presented an interesting scientific program with new techniques and highlights regarding Lasers in Aesthetic Surgery. In order to organize a successful meeting and define the main scientific topics, we needed your personal experience and your knowledge regarding laser technologies in the various fields of Aesthetic Surgery and Medicine.

Laser Europe 2010, Tarragona, Spain

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