Individual Membership

Individual Membership: 

In a motion passed in Executive Board met in Prague on 16th October 2010:

1.       It was unanimously agreed that the ELA membership is available only as National Group Membership or Regional Group Membership. 

2.      An individual applicant should, initially, be directed to seek the membership of his or her National Body which has the status of ELA Sister Society.

3.      However, it was recognised that a number of countries may not have National or Regional Organisations and individual members who wish to take benefit of ELA membership will not be able to do so.

To rectify this anomaly, it was agreed that:

4.      An individual member should, in the first place, seek membership of European Society of Laser Aesthetic Surgery ‘ESLAS’ (irrespective of his or her own speciality).  

5.      When and if the ESLAS membership is granted as per the terms of ESLAS, then an individual member will automatically become ELA member as a part of ESLAS group membership of ELA, without any further action.

Please contact Dr Vakis Kontoes, MD, PhD, President of ESLAS,  E-ID: < >  for further information for ESLAS membership.