Corporate membership terms

Corporate Membership Terms                                            



Any non-profit making professional society established as a organisation for the promotion of the application of laser, light and other energy-based technologies in clinical and aesthetic medicine, surgery and healthcare.

Membership period

The membership year starts on 1st January and ends on 31st December. However, organisations can join any time after the start date. In such event, there will be 50% reduction in the cumulative fees for that year only.

Executive council (Exec) representation

The organisation shall nominate representative/s to serve on the council as follows: 

Membership of 99 or less – one representative.

Membership of 100 and above – two representatives. 

Membership privileges

4.1. Society

Each society member shall have
a. Reduced delegate fees at events organised or sponsored by ELA, in consultation and
approval with the organisers
b. Use of ELA website (“website”) for promoting their event
c. Contribution of material (e.g. newsletter) for publishing on the website, via
d. Log-in-controlled access to the member area
e. Subscription to hard copy / on line version of official or affiliated journals at a
reduced rates with considerable saving on direct subscriptions (subject to
publishers’ conditions).


4.2. Nominated representative

Each nominated representative shall automatically become a full member of the
Executive Council (EC) of the ELA. As a member of the EC, he / she shall have:
a. Right to attend every business meeting of the EC
b. Right to nominate a representative to attend the EC in his / her absence
c. One full vote on matters subject tabled for voting
d. Responsibility to act as liaison person between the ELA and the membership of the
organisation he / she represents
e. Expenses reimbursed to attend business meetings as per the terms passed by the EC
from time to time


5. Membership fees

The membership dues shall be payable as per the terms determined by the EC from
time to time


6. Termination of membership

Both ELA and the component organisation/s have right to cancel the membership
without any notice period, after settling any outstanding dues to ELA. ELA shall not be
responsible for any refunds of moneys paid by the organisation/s to the ELA.


6.1. Failure to pays the fees,

In the event that the fees are not paid as per the agreement, a notice shall be given
for a grace period of not less than six months. If the fees are not received during the
grace period, then the matter shall be tabled at the next EC business meeting and
voted with view to terminate the membership.


7. Disputes and claims

These are subject to the provision in the memoranda of the ELA.