Membership categories & fees

1. Membership privileges

Receive professional official / affiliated journals at reduced rate.

Participation at ELA sponsored or organised conferences / courses at privilege rates.

Access to the log-in controlled member area of the ELA website.

Join specialised focus groups.

Continuing professional development by taking ELA-run courses.

Keep up-to-date via the website:

Hosting an ELA-convened annual scientific conference qualifies the sister member society to receive a non-refundable grant of €2000/-

2. Membership Categories

There are following levels of membership

2.1 Corporate membership

This is open to societies at a specially reduced rate. Both EU and Non-EU organisations are eligible to corporate membership category. A Corporate membership represents automatic ELA membership for each member of the organisation. Each member is thus eligible to all the benefits of the ELA membership, as may be available from time to time.

2.2 Full individual membership

This category is not available to individual applicants. They are advised to become members of one of listed sister organisations, or ESLAS, thus becoming ELA member with same rights as other members of the sister organisation.

2.3 Trade membership

Trade membership is not available. However, any number of trade personnel can apply under the category 2.1 or 2.2.

2.4 Honorary membership

This membership is awarded by invitation to individuals for their exceptional achievement in laser or allied                        technology.

2.5 Semi-full membership

European Laser Association, Executive Council

Business meeting. Athens: 22 Nov 2014

New category for Membership of European Laser Association

At the above meeting, a new category of membership was established to help those sister laser organisations which have limited financial resources, or those which need time to adjust their finances to cater for the payment of fees. The terms and conditions are as follows:

  1. New category title

Semi-full membership

  1. Duration

Twelve calendar months

  1. Fees
    • For up to 50 members: €300/- (normal fees €500)
    • For more than fifty members: €5/- per additional member, up to a maximum of €2000/- (Normal: An annual minimum fees of €500/- for up to 50 members or less, and then normal fee €10 per member over a membership of 51 upwards. The maximum payable annually shall not exceed €2000/-)
  2. At the end of the term of twelve months
    • Transfer to full member status as per the terms and conditions.
    • Continue as semi-full member for another twelve months, by mutual agreement.
    • Maximum extension of status as semi-full member: three consecutive calendar years from the date of joining
  3. Benefits
    • One representative on the Executive council with full voting rights, but no election to office bearer position
    • Reimbursement of €100/- towards travelling to attend annual stand-alone business meeting
    • Membership of the scientific committee of the ELA-convened annual conference
    • Reduced delegate fee for attendances of the members at the ELA convened annual conference.
    • Opportunity to host ELA-convened conference.